Welcome to the home of Marie Moore Horoscopes, your source of professional readings, forecasts, horoscopes, tarot readings, natal chart interpretations, and other astrological needs.

Our founder Marie Moore considers herself a professional student of mythology and mysticism and has been following her spiritual journey through the study of Kaballah and various other religions since the age of 8.

She provides a workout for your soul, and while she cannot give you answers, she will show you the path toward enlightenment. Whether you choose to break free of your routine or not is up to you. She will also help you learn how to take care of others and be accountable for your own actions so that you may begin focusing on the complexities of your inner self.

This is for entertainment purpose only, must be 18 years or older. Warning; these horoscopes are not sugar coated. They will tell it like it is, how it is, and how it can be. Only YOU can change the outcome of your spiritual path.